Learn How To Make The Best Probiotic Drink – Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir

In this article, you are going to Learn How To Make The Best Probiotic Drink – Milk Kefir! It is a versatile, ancient probiotic drink that is simple to make and long-lasting. It has such incredible health benefits that in the early 1900s,    Doctors resorted to its use to treat a lot of different ailments which made Kefir a sort after product.

What You Need To Make Milk Kefir

In the old days, Kefir was made in goatskin bags and hung in the doorway so that it was bumped by everyone walking in and out of the house. This helped agitate the Kefir Grains and made sure that the milk was mixed with the grains. It is that simple.

Today we use other tools :

  • 2 Clean Sterilised (boiled) Lidded 1Lt Glass or Plastic Jar
  • a Clean Sterilised (boiled) Stainless steel or plastic spoon
  • Plastic or Stainless Steel strainer or colander – Sterilised
    Milk Goat
  • a Plastic or glass Jug – Sterilised
  • a plastic spoon or spatula – Sterilised

The ingredients needed are just as simple:

  • 1 Lt Milk (cow, goat or coconut)
  • 140ml Kefir grains

Method For Making Your First Batch

This is really a very simple process and the chances of you messing it up are minuscule.

  1. Pour the milk into the glass jar
  2. Add the Milk Kefir Grains to the milk
  3. Stir gently for 20 seconds (not a must but I like to ensure that the Kefir is mixed with the milk)
  4. Close the lid tightly READ NOTE 1. BELOW
  5. Leave in a warm place for 24hrs READ NOTE 2. BELOW
  6. Burp the jar at least twice a day but try every 8 hours to release the gas. Very important.


  1. Many sites will tell you that you should not seal the bottle and that a cloth and a rubber band will keep the bugs out. Bugs are only part of the problem. The air is full of Bacteria, of different strains. If these contaminate your Kefir Grains, it could destroy your kefir.
    1. You actually need to keep your Kefir 5ft from any other bacteria/fermented foods to avoid contamination. In a kitchen, this is difficult so keep the Kefir container sealed and “burp” it regularly.
  2. The Cooler the kefir is, the slower it ferments. A nice warm place will help it ferment but it must not get hot or be in the sun. A dark place is better or just wrap a cloth around it.
  3. If you keep the finished Kefir in the fridge, keep it sealed. Cheese and water Kefir can also infect your Milk Kefir. Remember, Milk and Water Kefir are Different Strains and should not contaminate each other.
  4. Kefir does not survive past 32deg C so don’t heat it if you want to use it again for producing more Kefir

Removing The Kefir Grains


Before taking this step, please boil your Tools & jars etc. Kefir is Bacteria/yeast culture and introducing any other bacteria cultures can cause a problem. Don’t skip this step. So here we go:

  • Place the colander over a suitable bowl (definitely not a wooden bowl),
  • Pour the Milk Kefir into the colander and stir slightly to let the Kefir run through. Be careful not to break and crush the Kefir Grains. You need the Grains for your next batch of Milk Kefir.
  • Place the Kefir Grains into the Clean sterilised Jar.
  • Add the Milk
  • Seal the bottle and place it in a warm place for 24- 48 hours, on the countertop.

How Do You Use The Kefir

This is the exciting part. Kefir is so versatile. It can be used:

  1. just as it is, as a drinking yoghurt. This could be too bitter for some people so you may add Sugar, or fruit, or pour it over your Muesli.
  2. You can make Cottage Cheese with it. Again, it might need to be sweetened or flavoured for some people. Don’t be scared to experiment with the flavours
  3. Use it to make a salad dressing
  4. Make Sourdough with it. It makes awesome bread.
  5. Freeze it to save it for a later date.
  6. Place it in your smoothies
  7. Make Kefir Ice cream
  8. Add it to your shakes
  9. Make face masks
  10. Use it to treat skin problems

and the list goes on.

Why Should You Make Your Own Kefir

Strawberry Kefir

Fresh, homemade Kefir ferments and gives off gas. It also has a shelf life. Both these factors make it difficult to market these products in the Stores. To mitigate these factors, the products are treated or pasteurised. This kills the live Kefir Grains in the product so no further fermentation takes place and the causes cease and the shelf life improves but, All the benefits of the live Kefir are Destroyed.

Making your own Kefir ensures that you get the most benefit out of the product notwithstanding the fact that making your own Kefir costs a fraction of the price and is quick and easy.

Why Only Stainless Steel And Plastic Utensils

As I have stated earlier, Contamination can be an issue so wooden spoons tend to harbour bacteria so this rules out wooden spoons etc.

The only metal that does not react with Kefir is Stainless steel. SS is also heat-resistant so can easily be sterilised. This makes it ideal for using with Kefir. All other metals react with and could kill your Kefir Grains.

Plastic does not react with Kefir and it is fairly easy to sterilise. you just have to watch that it is not melted.

Where Do I Get Kefir Grains

Kefir Grains are generally available and if you google you could find someone near you that has Kefir Grains. The one problem with buying Kefir grains online is that you don’t know the quality of the grains if they are contaminated etc. Try to obtain your Kefir Grains from someone you know and trust.

You get two types of Kefir:

  1. Milk Kefir, which I have dealt with in this article
  2. Water Kefir
Order here

How Is Kefir Dispatched To Me

Kefir Grains come in 3 states:

  1. Live – they have been in production until you collected them.
  2. Frozen – They have been frozen to preserve them. This is usually done when the produced has more Kefir Grains than He/she requires.
  3. Dried – Kefir grains are Dried to store for transport over longer distances. If Kefir has to be couriered or posted to a customer, it is dried first and then sent. It is easily reconstituted as explained here

When I Buy Kefir Which State Is Best

Hands down, Live Kefir grains are always best. There is absolutely no contest because you can start producing Kefir as soon as you get home and that is where the advantage ends really.

home grown Milk kefir

Kefir Grains can be revived and will produce a product just as readily as the grains bought “Live”. The only difference is the time delay while reviving the Kefir.

If you live close enough to the supplier, it is definitely better to buy live Kefir Grains. You can start your Kefir Immediately and if you have problems you can get help although getting help will never be a problem with the telephone and the internet.

Need Help

If I can help you with any Kefir-related problem or any questions, please contact me here

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  1. Hi Bryan,

    What a long lost recipe you have revived in your post that has several health benefits. I think most people are not even aware about Kefir as they are not sold in supermarkets. I am interested in trying out the kefir recipe you mentioned in your review but before that would you tell me some of its actual health benefits ?



    • Hi Nick, Kefir products are available commercially in stores but these have a disadvantage over home fermented Kefir.

      There are a large number of reports on the different advantages of probiotics in general and some on Kefir specifically. Here is a BBC report.

  2. This is a great article! I love your expository skill.Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system. I am a big fans of anything natural! So I so much appreciate you sharing this. You have said it all, this can easily be pass as an E-book. Nothing is left out, accurate to the teeth! 

    any other probiotic  drink recipe? i will be happy to have more.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello Bryan,

    Great information on Lear Hot To Make The Best Probiotic Drink. This is my first time knowing about Milk Kefir. I can see you’ve been involved in nutrition industry for some years now. That’s probably why the information on how to make probiotic milk is so thorough.

    I love learning about new things everyday and I’ve just learned this nutritional drink – thanks to you.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. This kefir post really makes my day. I gained Alot in this post  about making an indoor kefir drinks for personal and home use. This post gives directory on how to make it and the core usefulness on treating skin without side effects. All thanks goes to Wealthy affiliate for making here a learning platform for us. Thanks

  5. Thanks for your review on how to make probiotic drink. I enjoyed reading this article on the preparation, I haven’t drank this before. I will tell my fiancee to try make this for me. This is gonna be tasty. Ó have bookmarked this page for further information on how to prepare it and as well to get your new post. Thanks alot

  6. Getting to know about kefir for the very first time. Love testing what I never ate or drank before and would love to give kefir a try in no time. When it comes to nutrition and what we eat., there is nothing that is good as eating something that has health benefits and ultimate nutritional value. 

  7. Hi Bryan,

    I have just read the whole article how to make the best probiotics drink-milk kefir.Probioitics are necessary for our health to maintain the good and bad bacteria. It is also helpful for our digestive system.But I did not know how to make this drink. After reading your article i can learn Properly how to make this milk kefir probiotics drink.I also learn how to Use this milk kefir drink.By reading your article one can learn that this is a awesome drink because It is simple to make and Long lasting.Thank you for sharing such an informative article.I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can also learn how to make this probiotics milk kefir drink.

  8. This is my first time reading about kefir but your article got my attention.  As I have gotten older, I have gotten very interested in alternatives ways to get and stay healthy. 

    What are the biggest benefits to this probiotic drink in your opinion?

    I am not a fan of milk because of lactose intolerance so could I use almond milk or would that just not work?

    • Hi Shiloh, Thanks for visiting my site. The biggest benefit I feel is the way it improves your gut. This helps you resist stomach bugs and it also helps with bloating and IBS. There are a lot of claimed benefits with more and more being confirmed scientifically. Take a look at this article for a few of the benefits.

  9. Good Morning Brian,

    To start with I have to tell you that I am a fan of Coconut milk and Kefir. Reading your post on how to make Kefir at home I see there might be room for improvement as I buy the Kefir in a glass bottle. I went down to read what it said on the bottle. It is made of pasteurized goat milk and the only other thing which is added is the fermentos lacticos de kefir. Those are the only 2 ingredients, so that sounds good

    So, now the question arises, is this ok or not? Here in the village, I might be able to buy fresh goat milk but otherwise, I would prefer to use coconut milk

    I must say I like the old way how kefir was made. Hang it in the doorway in a goatskin.

    Regards, Taetske 

    • Hi Taetske, Thanks for visiting my site and I am pleased that you found it engaging.

      You can certainly make your own Kefir with either goat milk or coconut milk. It works with both and the process is the same. 

      Have fun making your own healthy Kefir.

  10. Hello,

    I like the sound of the kefir drink. I think this drink is going to be very nutritious. 

    Thanks for taking out the time to guide us in the preparation of the milk kefir. You made it sound very simple to make, we’ll surely look to give it a try.

    What milk do you recommend for someone who is lactose intolerant? You said milk kefir has a shell life, how long is its shell life? 

    Expecting your feedback, keep up the good work

    • Hi Louis,  Glad you found the article helpful. 

      You can use just about any milk because the Kefir consumes the lactose in the milk. The longer the Kefir Grains are int he milk the less lactose is left. If your ratio of Kefir grains to milk is right, after 24hrs, there should be no lactose left.

      Please remember that the longer the Kefir Grain is in the milk the tarter the product so just flavor it or add it to your other shakes etc.

  11. Thanks for this informative post,  I have never had the opportunity to make a probiotic drink all by myself but this post has enlightened me on doing that with ease, though it is said to be nutritious, I will love to know if it has side effects when taken frequently with interval of two days? 

    • Hi Seun, Thanks for visiting my site.  There are 2 side effect that a person can suffer when you first start using Kefir. They are Constipation and stomach cramps. This is usually only for a day or so when you first start and It is quite rare but, it does occur and is usually associated with detoxing.

      To avoid this, start with small amounts of Kefir (100ml) for the first day or two and then increase it gradually over the next two or three days. Enjoy

  12. Hi Bryan

    I have read your whole article about how to make the best probiotics drink-milk kefir. Probiotic is a necessary thing for our body to keep up the good bacteria. It is also important for our digestive system. I did not know how to make this awesome drink. After reading your article I can learn how to make this milk kefir probiotics drink and learn how to use it. By reading your article everyone can learn that it is a great drink because of its benefits. I am going to share it with my friends and relatives so that they can take benefits from this article. Thank you so much for sharing this informative article.

    • Thank you for visiting my site.  Kefir is an incredible dring and can benefit even those that are lactose intolerant as the Kefir eats the lactose.  A health Gut would help everyone and making it at home makes it affordable to everyone.

  13. Thanks for your review on making the best probiotic drink. I enjoyed reading this article on the preparation of the milk. I am sure it’s gonna be tasty. I will ensure my fiancee prepare it for me. Thanks for including the recipes and the steps as well. This will be useful for readers who also love this milk. Thanks. 

    • Remember that there are two types of Kefir:- Milk and Water Kefir. Wthe water Kefir makes a great soda type beverage that you can drink in place of sodas that have all that sugar

  14. Thanks for the inspiration and great recipe about kefir milk. I have never tried kefir before, definitely need to make or get my hands on some, so I can find out what all the fuss is about. I like what I see in your article. I’ll just have to figure where to get kefir grains or seeds from. Thank you!

    • Hi Mary, What the fuss is about is easy. It is the huge benefits of the Kefir to your health. It is so easy to make and so versatile that anyone can make it and enjoy the benefits of a healthy Gut.

  15. I was gifted with a kefir yogurt made by a friend once and I must say, the taste is rather peculiar. It’s a bit too strong for me and doesn’t have the elements of a commercial (plain) yogurt. It’s probably due to the fact that my taste bud has accustomed to modern food so when something as natural as kefir comes along, it takes a bit of getting used to. 

    • Hi Cathy,  Yes, the taste of Kefir can be overwhelming if it is plain. It also depends on how long it was left to ferment. The longer it has the Kefir Grains in the milk, the stronger the taste. As with yogurt, it can be sweetened and flavored to your taste. I add 100ml to my shake every morning and it gives it a lovely fresh tangy taste.

      The benefits that Kefir has for your health really makes it worthwhile. The Kefir can be used to make cottage cheese and salad dressing which can be salted and flavored with spices and herbs. If you get Kefir again, Remember, the longer it stands the stronger the flavor. This is mitigated if it is placed in a fridge immediately.

  16. This is really interesting and quite an eye opener. I’m all for trying different things to improve my health and it’s good that you can use goats milk as well, as cows milk doesn’t really agree with me. 

    I’m a little confused though about keeping jars sealed if the kefir gives off gas while fermenting. Would that run the risk of the containers breaking or the lids being forced off if there is no ventilation during the fermentation process?

    Also, I’d be very interested in knowing if consuming milk kefir is just for the purpose of maintaining and every day good health routine or whether it is effective against specific medical conditions?

    • Hi Richard,

      Kefir is a wonderful product with either Goats milk or Cows milk. As Kefir consumes the lactose for food, the longer the Kefir grains are in the milk the less Lactose will be left in the milk. People that are lactose intolerant are reporting success with the product but I would be cautious when trying it.

      With regards to the gas, it is required that you “burp” the bottle 3 – 4 time a day to release the gas or you must leave the lid on very loosely.

      I have had a bad experience with the second ferment of water Kefir. When I left it overnight and tried to open it in the morning, the lid blew off and hit me in the fae doing a bit of damage. A lesson well learned and my lids are left loose overnight. 

  17. Hi Bryan,

    Glad to hear you discovered kefir and how to make it!  It is absolutely delicious when made correctly.  

    When I first discovered it several years ago I liked it so much I drank a litre of it every day. Kept a batch of grains with milk in the fridge and found out it still grew!  It was enough to give at least six of my friends and they all loved it!

    It also has a lot of benefits – it restores skin tone in people with eczema and keeps you fertile. Also, you hair keeps it’s original colour til old age. One of my friends also put on some much needed weight as she was so skinny. 

    It is absolutely delicious and it is fun and cheap to make.  One thing I want to know, have you tried making it with fresh raw milk?

    • Hi Stella,

      It is really an awesome product which we enjoy very much. My wife and I drink it daily in our shakes and we certainly know when we have not had our Kefir.

      We also have the water Kefir which we also drink daily. I really enjoy making the different flavours of double fermented Kefir. The one I like the most is the Ruby Grapefruit flavor. It is really awesome and being diabetic, the fact that it is very very low in sugar is great.

      Living in the city makes it difficult to get raw milk. We have been offered some but have not yet received it. I am keen to try it.

  18. I appreciate the tips that you shared here, plus the recipe. I am considering doing this here in the Philippines, we have 18 mother goats here on our farm and the supply of goat’s milk is not a problem. Also, we have an abundant supply here of other ingredients like the coconut. My question is, where do I get Kefir grains? Are they available for ordering online?

    • Hi Gomer,

      You are extremely lucky to have both goats milk and coconuts as both are very popular for the production of kefir. IT will afford you an opportunity of marketing another product if you can get it in line with the health laws in your country.

      I am sure that you will find someone in your area with Milk and Water Kefir Grains that advertises online. A quick google search should do it. 

      I can always send you some dried grains but the postage, time to rehydrate and reinvigorate them could be a problem.

      Feel free to contact me is you need my help.

  19. Hi,  

    My wife and I drink kefir a lot, we buy it at our local store, we’ve never tried to make it on our own. I also had no idea how to make one. I shared this page with my wife and she’ll definitely try to make it, I started to drink kefir after I had a bowel movement problems and after a surgery I had to keep my stool as soft as possible, kefir did a good job and I never stoped drinking it. Great recipe, very detailed and useful. Thank you

    • Hi Doole, thanks for the comments.

      If you make your own Kefir, you will probably have a far greater benefit than from the store bought kefir. It is truly easy to make and is far cheaper than the store bought product which is probably all pasteurised. You just need to find someone that has milk Kefir grains in your area.

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