How To Reduce Your Sugar levels With Kefir | Natures Miracle Probiotic Mix

Reduce Your Sugar levels – An estimated 2-million South Africans do not know they have diabetes, according to the IDF. Globally, an estimated 463-million adults are living with diabetes and there are 19-million in Africa alone. Type 2 diabetes accounts for up to 90% of the total, it said.

That means that there are19 million people in Africa alone that would benefit from knowing How To Reduce Your Sugar levels With Kefir | Natures Miracle Probiotic Mix. It is Simple and Cheap.

So, here is how you do it. Water Kefir lives on the sugar in the prepared water mixture, so to remove more of the sugar, you simply leave the water Kefir grains in the water a little longer. This also applies to the milk Kefir, which lives on the Lactose in the milk. The longer that you leave the Milk Kefir grains in the milk, the more lactose it removes. Remember though, the product becomes far less sweet but you can sweeten it with a non sugar sweetener if needed.

Making Kefir Is Simple And Cheap

Gone are the days that you have to pay dearly for a “sugar free drink”. For the cost of a third of a cup of sugar a pinch of salt and bicarbonate of soda or a liter of milk, You could have an incredibly healthy, refreshing, naturally gassed, probiotic drink for your family.

When you see what goes into those “sugar free” drinks, your family will be far better off drinking your home made Kefir, flavoured with their favorite fruit. The second ferment with your favourite fruit is what brings out the flavour and puts in the natural gas, leaving you with a wonderfully refreshing drink once you have removed the fruit.

Store bought Kefir | Is it Safe

It is far easier to go to you local Chemist or Health store to buy the Kefir but there are drawbacks:-

  • The product is pasteurised to improve shelf life,
  • The Bacteria that is so beneficial to your gut is killed during pasteurising,
  • There are usually preservatives, colouring and flavorings in the product so it can hardly be called natural.
  • It is safe to drink but you have lost most of the natural benefits of the Kefir.

Homemade Kefir Products Are The Best | Hands Down

Home made Kefir product beat the Store bought products hands down. They just cannot compete with the home made Version, besides for shelf life, but shelf life does not come into play in my household. My productions can barely keep up with the demand and I make 30 liters a week.

What is more, I get to make the flavours that we enjoy, Ruby Grapefruit, Pineapple, Ginger beer, Orange and Guava. Fresh and full of flavour. After making the 30 lt of plain Kefir in the first ferment, I divide it up and place the fruit in it for two days. After 2 days, I remove the fruit and bottle the Kefir.

The swing top bottles work the best as they tend to “leak” the excess gas when it builds up. Keeping them in the fridge also retards the gas buildup.

Milk Kefir is versatile. It can be used for: –

  • Making Salad Dressing,
  • Making Cottage cheese,
  • Making Cheese,
  • Making sauces,
  • Making kin care products,
  • Baking,
  • Making sour dough and a lot more.

Tips To Start Producing Your Own Kefir

sterilising preserving
  • Buy Active (not frozen or dried) Kefir Grains, they have more success and start producing quicker.
  • Pay for overnight Courier. Active Kefir Grains should not be Kept out of the liquid for days.
  • Buy from a supplier that has an interest in your success. Someone you can phone and get advice from.
  • Be consistent with the maintenance of your Kefir.
  • Sterilize everything you use before working with your Kefir.
  • Make sure you use only stainless steel implements and food grade plastics.
  • Use an air trap.
  • Do not keep your Kefir close to other bacteria like cheese, yogurt, kombucha. The will become contaminated and will produce strange, unusable products.
  • Use swing top bottles if possible.
  • Burp (open slightly to release some gas) your Kefir 2 or 3 times a day. Exploding Bottles are not fun!
  • Do not add sugar to the second ferment as it make alcohol, not good for the kids 😁.
  • Too much fruit can have the same effect.
  • Fruit juice also works for the second ferment. Watch out for the preservatives, some will destroy your Kefir. I have had some great success with fruit juices.
  • Your Kefir grains will multiply with time. You will need to use bigger vessels or split the grains into separate vessel. you can eat the grains or give them to family or sell them.

Storing Your Kefir

Traditional goatskin bag

The traditional way of making Kefir was to keep it in a goat skin, hanging in the homes doorway. This meant that it was bumped every time people entered or exited the home, thus “stirring ” the Kefir and the goat skin kept it in a dark environment.

Considering this, Kefir is not very sensitive to it’s environment as long as it keeps under 33 deg. C and is not in direct sunlight. I simple cover mine with a cloth and leave it on the counter.

Once the second ferment is complete I try and keep my Kefir in the fridge to slow sugar/lactose consumption. It keeps it tastier and it lasts longer. After 5 to 7 days the Kefir starts to get too bitter if left out of the fridge. My wife loves the bitter Kefir so there are often Kefir bottles on the counter to allow the Kefir to do it’s Job.

In Conclusion

The two types of Kefir are amazingly versatile product that can really help with Sugar issues, and conditions like IBS and keeping your gut healthy. It is a cheap and easily produced alternative to the expensive and unhealthy sodas that the kids love.

Making your own Kefir will keep your family health and happy and keep money in your pocket. Buy your own Kefir grains and start your own cottage industry, making natural sodas, bread, sour dough, cottage cheese and more. Just make sure that you buy active grains from a Reputable Supplier.

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