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Thank You for visiting our Site. Our Office is in Pretoria Gardens. Please download our “Contact us” form here, complete the form and email it to the email address on the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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We have changed the “contact us” method to conter all the SPAM that we receive. We appollogise for any inconvenience.

8 thoughts on “Contact Us | The Kefiry”

  1. I am a small scale farmer and want to try to plant the kefir grains. Where can i get some seeds to plant?
    Michael 0825641771
    Henley on Klip.

    • Hi Michael, You get two types of Kefir, Milk Kefir and Water Kefir. As the names suggest, they grow in milk and water. They are not plants as such but yeast and bacteria. You can order here if you would like to try making Kefir products.

  2. Good day

    I am interested in Kefir to reproduce for myself. I see the dried grains are out of stock.

    Please advise when you expect to be receiving more

    Thank you

    • Hi Lavinia, Due to high demand, I have had to put all my dried Kefir back into production. There is such a small demand for dried Kefir, I am not sure that I will be producing it anymore. I can courier Kefir from my Production barrels to anywhere in the Country and it continues producing without delay, whereas dried Kefir takes up to 30 days before it produces. If you would like to purchase Kefir ready for production, please place your order online. a batch of Kefir grains is enough to make a litre at a time(3-7 days, depending on the temp). It grows each time so after a while, you will be able to make more at a time. We use about 3-4 litres a day between the two of us. so I produce in 30ltr barrels for ourselves and our customers. We also have milk Kefir. Also in production.

      Please note that we prepare freshwater/milk mix for our outgoing products so orders can take up to seven days before being dispatched by courier, depending on when the orders are Paid.

      We only dispatch Mondays to Wednesdays to prevent the Kefir Grains from laying over in the Couriers warehouse love weekends as this could cause a problem.


  3. Please provided information about the amount / quantity of Kefir (dried, frozen, etc) supplied per unit cost [of R190.00, R195.00, R180.00 (which excluded shipping)]; It is difficult to judge from the pictures provided.

    • Hi Cedric, Thanks for your visit to Kefir SA. The amount of Kefir grains supplied is enough to produce 1lt of product, as stated in the description. It is 3 dessert spoons of the grains (before drying or packaging). It is the same volume for both Milk and Water Kefir. The grains will multiply over time and you will be able to produce larger volumes of kefir as the grains grow. I trust this Clarifies it.



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